Francis Wines aims to create wines of elegance, finesse and complexity that reflect the unique terroir of the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge appellation in South Africa.

Inspired by the Burgundian winemaking style and the methods that have been honed for centuries, our wines are not meant to be flashy or trendy, but rather to express the elegance, balance and complexity of an old world wine.

We believe that Burgundy represents the pinnacle of quality and excellence in winemaking, and we hope to share our journey through- and respect for this noble heritage with you. 

From kicking-off barefoot on an icy, cobbled-together rugby field in Paarl - once a small South African town - to traversing the vine-covered slopes of Burgundy, and voyaging back to dig his heels into the soil of Hemel-and-Aarde - this is the story of South African sportsman, Burton Francis, and his journey that birthed Francis Wines.

“Looking at my journey, I’ve realised what a strong symbol soil has been and remains to be. It is where seeds sprout, roots dig deep and fruits ripen. It is also where decay, erosion and decomposition can take place. Soil represents the cycles of life, growth and transformation - the changes that shape our existence. When I think about the moments that marked me, I see soil in different forms and colours. I see the “klippe-kou,” cobbled-together, thorny rugby field under my feet as a boy, where I learned to work hard and appreciate what I have. I see the green grass of the rugby field in France, where I discovered a new culture, I see the earth beneath the vineyards from Burgundy to Hemel-en-Aarde, where the dream of a wine brand was born and fulfilled.”
“Soil is the common thread that connects these moments, the foundation of my identity and values.”

The sun-kissed grapes of Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge give birth to exquisite wines that echo the elegance and complexity of Burgundy. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the stars of this region, expressing their terroir and typicity with finesse and balance.

Each sip reveals a new layer of flavour and aroma, reflecting its climat & unique story.